Friday, November 18, 2005

Explosion in Baghdad

Two explosions ripped through an area in Jaderia in Baghdad. It occurred around 8 AM, Nov. 18th.
Their goal was probably the five hotels in the area, where many foreign journalists are staying.
The result was that 8 Iraqis were killed: children, women and men living in the surrounding apartment blocks. In addition 40 people were injured and their homes were in some cases totally destroyed. So they had to leave everything and find lodging with friends and family.
The government does not help, nor does the US army.
One woman, umm Muhammad, said that her family had lost everything. Their home had cost them 10000 dollars.
---Where are we going to live no? This is all Bush's fault she said, weeping.
Another resident said:
--- We have asked the security company to extend the safety barrier, so that our houses would be protected as well. But they refused and said that we were safe.

The resident clearly was right. Because the car bombs that exploded could not get through the barrier and exploded right in front of the apartment blocks. So they had to take all the impact. The hotels that all were inside the barrier, only sustained superficial damages, whereas the residential buildings sustained serious damages. In one case, a building collapsed and some of its residents were trapped beneath the rubble, and had to be dug out. This is were most of the people died!
However, I saw the rescuers carrying out one man whom they had been able to dig out from the underground.

Journalists who normally barely observe and write about these tragedies were for once able to experience it firsthand and perhaps able to empatize with the so badly afflicted Iraqi people.


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